Alpha Phi Delta Foundation

Cultural Heritage Initiative

Created in 2021, the Cultural Heritage Initiative is specifically designed to preserve our shared Italian Heritage.

This Fund will:

This page contains links to many parts of our history,  Browse this page, the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation Page, and the Fraternity Page to learn more about the rich history of our fraternity and how the Foundation and Fraternity are creating the future!

Kleos Archive

Our rich history can be viewed in the Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, the Kleos.  We have every issue of the Kleos since 1929 on line.  Click on The Kleos Archive to view where we have been.  Its quite an educational experience!

Songs of Alpha Phi Delta

Since our earliest days, Alpha Phi Delta Brothers have always celebrated with music. Listen to the recordings of some of our earliest as recorded by Vito DiSalvo, Psi '70 and the Pittsburgh Alumni Club singers. In conjunction with the Centennial, Brother Vito DiSalvo has composed a special tribute. Click below to listen to our newest official fraternity song, Centennial Hymn: One Hundred Years for Alpha Phi Delta.  Click on The Songs of Alpha Phi Delta to learn more about our history in song.

Alpha Phi Delta's 

History in the Military

Throughout our history, the Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta have proudly served our country. Our brothers have served in every branch of the armed services and virtually every rank from private to general. Thirty two brothers have sacrificed their own lives for our country.  Click on Our Military Brothers to see a fairly comprehensive history of Alpha Phi Delta in the Military!

Chapter Composites

Many chapters over the years took chapter pictures of their active brothers annually.  We have almost 150 chapter composites at our Chapter Composite page.  Click on Chapter Composite to view what we have, or email the Cultural Heritage Committee if you have any that you would like to share with us.

Chapter Histories

We have started to gather information from the brotherhood to compile an online history of our chapters.   Articles, events, pictures, documents, whatever you have. If it is physical memorabilia like pledge books, glasses, etc, it can be stored in our Archives in Delaware.   Visit our Chapter Histories page.  Click on Chapter Histories to view what we have, or email the Cultural Heritage Committee if you have anything that you would like to share with us.

Century Society

The Century Society recognized Alpha Phi Delta brothers who have applied our Fraternity's values of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service to their successful careers, resulting in an enhanced quality of life for this generation, and for generations to come.  We have many distinguished brothers in our history.  Descriptions of those honored in this society can be found at our Century Society page.  Click on Century Society to view what we have, or email the Cultural Heritage Committee if you have any that you would like to nominate for this honor.

​An Italian Band of Brothers 

In the early 1900s, diversity was not a word that was tossed around in the newspapers – or anywhere during that period. White men dominated most aspects of America. And not just white men, but white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men. Women would not even get to vote until the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920.The Great Arrival in the United States spanned from 1880 to 1920, as more than four million Italian immigrants. Alpha Phi Delta was born in this scenario; click here to read our early history.

Alpha Phi Delta

Mentions in the Media

Where our fraternity is mentioned in media, we list some of the links here.  For example, at the link that is listed below you can find an interesting article on a man's experience at the Italian-American Archives.

My summer internship in the Italian American Archives

Visitation to the 

National Archives

The below pictures are from some of the many visitors, both undergraduate and alumni, who visited the Alpha Phi Delta Archives in Delaware.   Guests are hosted by Father James Lentini, National Secretary, and Ron Sme, National Historian.   If anyone would like to visit the archives, click here to coordinate the trip.   Often, a nice Italian meal follows the visit.