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Alpha Phi Delta Foundation: APD Cares

Brothers Helping Brothers

The Alpha Phi Delta Foundation has a charitable program to benefit brothers in need - APD Cares.

Did you know that according to the FEMA government website there are approximately 100 presidentially declared disasters in our country each year. These disasters include hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, snow storms and beyond. We all remember the devastation that Hurricane Irma caused in Florida in September 2017. And Hurricane Sandy plundered the northeast coast in October 2012.

Countless APD brothers have been impacted in very severe ways over the years by natural disasters such as these. In some instances you may have even come to the aid of your fellow brothers when these financial hardships occurred. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2012 many of us got together on an ad-hoc basis to provide financial support for a brother in serious need. While this was admirable, it was a significant one-time effort and certainly did not address other brothers who were just as worthy of help.

Previously the Foundation focused on three programs – scholarship, leadership and publication (Kleos). We are now adding this fourth program aimed at providing grants to alumni and undergraduate brothers in financial need due to presidentially declared disasters or emergencies. APD Cares provides us with the opportunity to impact a broad population of our brothers in a very substantial way, when they need it most – individual one time grants will range from $500 to $5,000 depending on need. Grants are intended to help offset actual losses or expenses for temporary living, property repair/replacement, medical costs or other disaster related costs not covered by personal or government insurance. Grants will be based on financial need for assistance. An application form is attached and is available on the Foundation page of our website.

Those of you who donate to the foundation regularly, please consider directing some or all of your next donation to APD Cares. Those of you that have not donated regularly, please consider this very worthy brothers helping brothers cause. Don’t wait for the next disaster to hit.

For additional information on this program, contact   If you would like to apply for assistance, Click the link, above at left, and follow the directions to submit the application.