Alpha Phi Delta Foundation


Scholarship Mission

For over forty years the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, through its Scholarship Fund, has awarded scholarships to deserving members of Alpha Phi Delta as well as their family members. Over seventy-five (75) annual scholarships have been fully endowed by individual brothers, their family members, alumni groups and ladies auxiliaries. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000 are announced each August at the Annual APD Convention. 

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship applications are available each Spring by clicking here. The strict deadline to submit applications is MAY 31. Members of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity and their family members are eligible to apply if they have completed two college marking periods by MAY 31 and are continuing their education in the fall. Undergraduate students attending college may apply for a scholarship.

Endowing a Scholarship

A minimum level of $10,000 is required to endow a scholarship for 1 unit.  This creates a $500 award in perpetuity. However, charitable donations of any amount can be made to either build towards an endowment, or, to add to an existing scholarship (see below). You can create a scholarship on your own, with a group of brothers, or contribute to an existing scholarship to help it achieve another level.  Donate by clicking here.  

Existing Scholarships

If you would like to view a complete list of all the Foundation scholarships, click here.   Maybe you'd like to help one of them reach the next award level.

Types of Scholarships

While there is no strict rule on the type of scholarship, they basically fall into the following categories.   

Note: Scholarships can be requested to be targeted to a specific entity, as with the chapter scholarships or to a specific purpose.

Scholarship Trustees

The Scholarship Division of the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation is run by an experienced and dedicated group of brothers. One of the Brother is the Scholarship Chairman and the others serving on the Scholarship Committee are Trustees.  These brothers spend countless hours each year to review all of the many applications that are submitted, as well as promoting the Scholarship program and setting policy. To view the Scholarship Trustees, click here.