Alpha Phi Delta Foundation


Gary Van Schaften, Beta Lambda '68

April 10, 1949 - December 27, 2023

Gary F. Van Schaften

Beta Lambda '68


Our Brother Gary Van Schaften (Beta Lambda '68), a long time Director of the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, passed away on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, at age 74. Brother Van Schaften was the victim of a heart attack suffered in the course of playing a game of golf in his adopted home state of South Carolina. Alpha Phi Delta Foundation Director, Anthony Carfang said this of Brother Van Schaften, "[He was] not just a great brother, Gary was an invaluable director and committee chair, prime mover behind multiple scholarship funds, convention regular and a very good friend."

Born Gareth Francis Van Schaften on April 10, 1949, he attended De Paul High School in Wayne, New Jersey. After graduating high school in 1967, he enrolled at St. Francis College (now University) in Loretto, Pennsylvania. In 1968, he was initiated into Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity where he became a chapter leader. in our Beta Lambda Chapter; he graduated in 1971. In July of 1973, he married Judith Nelan at St. James Roman Catholic Church in Wayne, New Jersey. He is survived by his wife Judith.

Brother Van Schaften remained active with the Fraternity after graduating from College. In his later alumni years he became a leader in the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, and was especially involved in developing its Alumnus Emeritus program. In 2019, Gary was awarded the Oustanding Alumnus Award of Alpha Phi Delta. In more recent years, he has been active working to establish an Alumni Club in South Carolina. Brother Van Schaften's most recent appearance at a National gathering was at the 2023 National Convention.  (Obituary courtesy of Central Office)

Vincent Verdile as a young alumnus of the Fraternity in 1994.

Vincent Verdile

Beta Phi '86


Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity mourns the passing of the Florida District Governor, Vince Verdile.  Vince  comes from an Alpha Phi Delta lineage of his maternal grandfather and father of fraternity dignitaries.  He was a charter member of the South Florida Alumni and has been the District Governor for many years.  He has been an indefatigable force in South Florida, in our Foundation, as well as in the Fraternity.   

Born on October 11, 1964, Brother Verdile was initiated into the Beta Phi Chapter on April 22, 1986. He served in various roles in the Fraternity, including South Jersey District Governor and, most recently, Florida District Governor. He is predeceased by his father, Benjamin Verdile (Beta Delta '57), a former National Vice President of the Fraternity (1976-78). He is also predeceased by his grandfather, Dr. Anthony A Nardone (Lambda '26, obit), who was posthumously elected as 33rd National President. is survived by his mother, Rose Verdile, a frequent face at our National Conventions, and his brother, Anthony. Vince worked as a school teacher in Florida and previously in New Jersey. He has touched so many in the fraternity and will be missed.

Paul Alafogiannis

Beta Pi '89

1970 - 2018

Paulie "Black" Alafogiannis entered Alpha Phi Delta as a brother of Beta Pi in 1989 as a proud brother of the Chapter's 6th Pledge Class. He quickly became known as one of its most active brothers.

Anthony Castellano

Beta Phi '86

1960 - 2020

Covid-19 took the life of Anthony Castellano on May 26, 2020. This Beta Phi man was a beloved brother.  To honor him, our Staten Island Alumni Club is endowing a National Leadership Conference in his memory. 

Carl Izzo

Psi '51

1932 - 2017

Alpha Phi Delta was saddened at the death of Psi Chapter Brother Carl Izzo. Brother Izzo was the eldest member of one of the only four-generation families in Alpha Phi Delta, on Monday morning, July 17, 2017.

Leon Panella

Psi '62

1943 - 2015

Long-time Pittsburgh Alumni Club member and regular National Convention attendee, Leon Panella, 72, passed away on October 10, 2015. This past Outstanding Alumnus Award winner will be greatly missed.

Vincent J. Muffoletto

Epsilon '46


Alpha Phi Delta was saddened by the loss of its 29th National President, when Vincent J. Muffoletto, long time Buffalo Alumni Club member and leader, passed from this life on September 19, 2016, at the age of 93.

Joseph W. Randazzo

Eta '34

1914 - 2016

On April 15 2016 one of our oldest, and long-active brothers, Joseph W. Randazzo, 101, passed away. He was a Convention regular for some eight decades; his first convention attended was in 1934 and his last in 2014.

Joseph R. Sacco

Beta Rho '73

1954 - 2020

Beta Rho Chapter Brother Joseph R. "Joe" Sacco, Jr., 66, passed away Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Initiated in 1973,  he was known as a caring person, and an APDCares Memorial Fund has been set up in his name.

Dr. Albert Zanzuccki

Beta Lambda '58

1916 - 2015

Dr. Albert Zanzuccki, professor emeritus of accounting, passed away at the age of 99 on September 18, 2015. He was the faculty moderator of Beta Lambda for many year, and well-love figure at St. Francis University.

Charles "Chick" Russo

Beta Rho '66


Charles "Chick" Russo, a brother of our Beta Rho Chapter, passed from this life on October 22, 2015 at the age of 68. He was also an active member of the Knights of Columbus, and had served in the Army National Guard.

Fr. Leonard J. Tuozzolo

Psi '61

1932 - 2015

Born June 6, 1932, and ordained to the Catholic Priesthood June 4, 1959, Fr. Tuozzolo was initiated into Psi Chapter (Duquesne) in fall of 1961.  He served as National Chaplain 1986-22. He passed away November 5, 2015.

Dr. Santo J. Barbarino

Beta Sigma '65

1946 - 2012

The Fraternity was saddened at the loss of its 35th National President, Santo Barbarino on August 12, 2012. Born on April 27, 1946, Barbarino, an educator, was a long time member of the New York Alumni Club.

Paul J. Sciullo II

Psi '92


An American hero, Paul Sciullo II, a brother of Psi Chapter, was killed in the line of duty as a Pittsburgh police officer on April 4, 2009. Born on November 26, 1972, brother Sciullo died at the young age of 36.