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This gift will leave your lasting legacy, supporting our brothers in perpetuity

Leave your legacy

There will come a time in all our lives when we consider how we want to leave our legacy.  Your life’s accomplishments are important to celebrate and honor. A charitable gift to Alpha Phi Delta Foundation is such a way to cement your legacy.  Charitable gifts, including long-range estate and financial planning, can be a great way for you to provide support for Alpha Phi Delta. It is possible to “Leave a Legacy” while potentially minimizing taxes and settlement costs and conserving more of your estate for loved ones. 

What are the Easiest Ways to Leave my Legacy

A bequest is a gift made through a will or living trust. Bequests may be stated as a percentage of your estate, as the residual of your estate or a specific dollar amount.  

Here is some suggested language as a starting point for your attorney: 


“I hereby bequeath $______   to Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, Inc., PO Box 23188, Pittsburgh, PA, to be used for purposes as deemed appropriate by the Foundation’s board of directors.”


“I hereby bequeath $______ to Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, Inc., PO Box 23188, Pittsburgh, PA, to be used in the following manner: (please describe the specific use or uses for your bequest), in accordance with the Foundation’s overall objectives.”


“Provided that my final estate valuation is greater than $______, I hereby bequeath $______ to Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, Inc., PO Box 23188, Pittsburgh, PA to be used for purposes as deemed appropriate by the Foundation’s board of directors.”

Retirement Accounts and Insurance Policies

You can name the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation as beneficiary of a retirement account (e.g., 401k or IRA) or a life insurance policy and secure important tax benefits. Just list the beneficiary as Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, Inc (Tax ID # 31-1005845).

Each of the deferred giving types is closely regulated by law and requires special arrangements and tax treatment. Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, Inc. can work with you and your attorney to ensure your wishes are documented correctly. Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization

The First Things to Consider

Who do I contact?

Please contact Brother John Hadgkiss (Beta Rho ’66) at if you’d like to step through your options. Or simply inform John of the bequest once it’s made.  All we need is your written verification.  If you have already included Alpha Phi Delta Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so that we can award you the Omega Society pin.

Why is it important to consider an estate plan?

An estate plan gift is a powerful tool that can provide a way for you to help secure your own financial future and the financial future of Alpha Phi Delta. It can help you make larger gifts than you ever dreamed possible. Some estate plan gifts can provide you with income for life.

When is the best time to join the Omega Society?

Now! Let us talk to you about making a planned gift to support the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation and becoming a life-long partner in advancing academic excellence while making a difference in the lives of our students.  None of us know when our time runs out. That means the time to do this is now.

The Omega Society Honor Roll

Gold ($100,000+)

Anthony Carfang, Psi '69

Mickey D'Addato, Beta Beta '56

John Hadgkiss, Beta Rho '66

​Robert Hartman, Beta Xi '93

Lawrence Kaufmann, Beta Xi '88

Silver ($25,000+)

Joseph Caldarella, Beta Sigma '73

Albert DiBaggio, Beta Omicron ‘57 *

​Alex Franki, Gamma Lambda '90

Nick Franki, Gamma Lambda '87

Michael Iacovelli, Theta Beta '81

Felix Infausto, Epsilon '29 *

Ryan McCaw, Delta Chi '02

Maria Raffa *

Don Rizzo, Beta Xi '56

Ray Rokicki, Gamma Nu '97

​Anonymous ($50,000)

Bronze (up to $25,000)

Bronze up to $25,000

Gary Cuda, Beta Chi '71

Aldo Del Sorbo, Delta '74 *

Armand DeRosa, Beta Eta '38 *

Gerald N DiLoreto, Beta Theta '38 *

Al Fafara, Beta Xi ‘69

​Robert Grecco, Beta Mu ‘74

Joseph Malecki, Beta Chi '83

​James C. Muffoletto, Epsilon '65

Edward Nickolas, Nu '32 *

Richard Primiano, Beta Delta '61 *

Richard Schaal, Beta Rho ‘66

​Calvin Shipley, Psi '71

​Rocco Sutera, Beta Eta '38 *

Gary van Schaften, Beta Lambda ‘68

In Memoriam

Paul Alafogiannis, Beta Pi ‘89 *

Santo Barbarino, Beta Sigma '65 *

Al Branchi, Beta Beta '60 *

Bro. Camillus Casey, Beta Sigma '62 *

Anthony Castellano, Beta Phi '80 *

Frank Cavallaro, Theta Beta '36 *

Ernest Coletti, Mu '45 *

Adam DiVincenzo, Psi '32  *

Ed Magliocco, Beta Delta '50 *

Louis Mauriello, Eta '34 *

​Rocco Muffi, Psi '65 *

Albert E. Palazzo, Theta Beta '46 *

Leon Panella, Psi '62 *

John Pasta, Beta '18 *

Robert Polito, Beta Rho '67 *

Stanley W. Raffa, Delta '49v

Joseph Randazzo, Eta '34 *

Richard Rau, Beta Sigma '69 *

​Anthony Sallo, Psi '63 *

Paul Sciullo, Psi '92 *

Rev. Leonard Tuozzolo, Psi '61 *

Daniel Winkler, Beta Rho '66 *

Albert Zanzuccki, Beta Lambda '58 *