Our Central Office

What is Central Office?

Central Office is the administrative office of the National Fraternity. It is comprised of the National Secretary and the National Treasurer working together. Each is appointed annual by the National President. Our Central Office is located in Camden, Delaware. Its address is 257 E Camden Wyoming Avenue, Unit A, Camden, DE 19934. To contact Central Office click here.

Officers. The two officers that comprise the Central Office of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity are:

Academics. The Central Office tracks the academic reports of our undergraduate members via the semi-annual distribution of the Form GPA - Academic Survey. All undergraduates are required to report their academic grades.

Chapter Supplies. Chapter supplies are ordered, inventoried, kept, and appropriately distributed by the Central Office.This includes rush, educational and resale materials. 

Credentials. The Central Office forms the Credentials Committee of the National Council. That Committee of two is singularly responsible in determining who may or may not be seated at the National Council Meeting.

History. The history and the archives of the National Fraternity are preserved in the Central Office. In recent years most records have been kept electronically rather than in hard copy in the files.

Member Items. Member items are ordered, inventoried, kept, and appropriately distributed by the Central Office. These include pins, membership cards, membership certificates, etc.

Member Records. Member records and updating those records are the exclusive realm of the National Secretary within the Central Office. 

Online Accounts. All online account, including that of this website, are operated and maintained by the Central Office. 

Official Receipt. All Award nominations, graduated member nominations, honorary member nomination, official correspondence, proposals to amend the bylaws, proposals to amend the constitution, committee reports, external communication, annual reports, semi-annual reports, contracts, agreements, trademark documents, banking documents, fraternity form, initial expansion contact request, and similar communication are all properly received by the Central Office. Payments. All payments to Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity are to be sent to Central Office. They are received by the Secretary who records receipt of the payment, and then are passed on to the National Treasurer for deposit and financial recording.

Publications. Publications, their compilation, production, and distribution, are the duty and work of the Central Office. If a publication does not come through Central Office it is not an official publication of the National Fraternity.