Starting a Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta

Want to Start a Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta?

If you are currently a brother of Alpha Phi Delta

Every fraternity man is bound with the duty to seek new members. Any friend or relative who might be interested in pledging for Alpha Phi Delta, should be encouraged to do so. If you know of a brother or student (family or friend) who may the be able to expand Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity to a new campus (forming a “colony” there), you should inform the Chairman of the Expansion Committee. Most new chapters are formed this way — a brother or friend of a brother finds himself at a school and wishes to do what our founding father did: form a brotherhood. Another excellent expansion method of expansion involves transfer to other colleges and universities. Brothers transferring should try to start new chapters, but only with the knowledge and consent of the National Fraternity.

If you are not currently a brother of Alpha Phi Delta

If you are an individual or leader of an interest group desiring to form a chapter of Alpha Phi Delta please contact the Chairman of our Expansion Committee using the link below. He will advise you on how and if to proceed with your desire for an expansion of Alpha Phi Delta for students of your college. Similarly, if you are a member of a local fraternity that wishes to merge into Alpha Phi Delta, also use the link below and describe information about your group. Before you click on the link below, use this website explore our chapter pages, history, creeds and requirements. If Alpha Phi Delta is the way you want to go, by all means click on the link button below and contact us.