Our National News

Updated History Book Announced for 2023

The National Historian in conjunction with Central Office and the National Archives has begun, in earnest, the process of revising The History of Alpha Phi Delta 1914-2020. The revised version will bring the book up to date; it will be covering the life of our Fraternity up thru and including 2023 (including summations of events and the Council meeting).

The revised History of Alpha Phi Delta 1914-2023 is hoped to be ready for promotion at the 2023 National Convention. 

Brother Smé, our Historian, is updating the years since 2020, as well as updating, revising and adding biographies (which are located on the side bars of the pages throughout the entirety of the book). 

Exact pricing, book formats, and availability will not be announced until later this summer -- when the books are in production.

National Council Approve Fee Increases for 2023-24

With the prospect of increased insurance costs, and rising operational expenses — coupled with fewer chapters — the National Council gave its unanimous consent to a budget with across-the-board fee increases. 

As per the budget adopted for fiscal year 2023-2024, these are increases in fees: 

All assessment and fee increases will take effect after July 1, 2023.

Faciamus Pin Applications Open for Our Most Active Brothers

"The “Faciamus Pin” is an honor that is awarded to undergraduate brothers who demonstrate the passion and drive that defines a brother exemplifying activity and support. The pin qualifications are tabulated from last September 1 through August 30 of this year. In order to be eligible for the “Faciamus Pin” an undergraduate brother must:

The application is accessible by clicking this link.