Alpha Phi Delta Foundation


Alpha Phi Delta has initiated of 22,000 brothers into our fraternity. The Publications Fund of the Foundation helps to ensure that all our brothers across the globe stay in contact with Alpha Phi Delta and can remain active, even if from afar.

The Kleos

Communication is the key to our growth and success. Our Kleos is the key method of staying in touch with every brother and providing the link to lifetime affiliation. The Kleos is currently published and mailed to over 12,000 brothers twice a year, with funding coming from the Foundation. All issues, going back to the first one in 1929 (see below), are on line.   Take some time to browse through our history at The Kleos Archive. To see the current issue, click here!

Impact Report

Our annual Impact Report that is distributed to Foundation Donors highlights each year's activities. On the 20+ pages of this report you can see a story of how our young brothers on their passage to adulthood. The report highlights philanthropic and other activities from all areas of the fraternity. Thanks to the generous support of Foundation Donors, we are training leaders, developing citizens, impacting our communities and engaging our host universities.

Kleos 1929-12.pdf