Our Songs

The Songs of Alpha Phi Delta

Our Fraternity

by Joseph La Porta, Eta Chapter

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Alpha Phi Delta,

our fraternity,

We will hold your name up high

wherever we may be.

Your honor we'll fight for,

to our hearts you hold the key,

O, Alpha Phi Delta,

​you're our fraternity.

We sing a song and sing it clear

Both loud and strong for you we cheer...

O, Alpha Phi Delta,

your emblem we all wear

Your name, your fame both signify

The love that we all share.

To you, foster mother

forever we'll be true.

O, Alpha Phi Delta,

we’ll always be part of you. 

Fraternity Sweetheart

by Joseph La Porta, Eta Chapter

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Lovely girl, sweetest girl we know. 

Your smile has radiant beauty,

Your eyes hold heaven's glow.

Dear to heart we hold you, anyone can see, 

You mean a lot to our fraternity.

Lovely girl, you're our guiding star, 

Our rainbow high in heaven,

Our dreams both near and far.

O Alpha Phi Delta will always cherish you 

We love you, fraternity sweetheart.

Alpha Phi Delta Rose


by Gabriel Jacoby, Phi

(see video below)

Note: Though “Alpha Phi Delta Rose” is the official song of the Fraternity, 

the two most commonly sung songs are “Our Fraternity” and “Fraternity Sweetheart”


No master’s brush can ever paint

my girl of memory,

When west winds hush the day’s complaints,

your vision comes to me.


More tender charms adorn your arms

than any flow’r that grows. More beauty lies in your blue eyes

than heaven can disclose. More than a friend, true to the end

You shared my cares and woes. In every dream you reign supreme

Alpha Phi Delta Rose.


Down by the stream we’d plan and scheme for “After College Days”.

Bearing the strife of everyday life sharing and caring always.

At each college dance, it seems our romance brighter and stronger grew.

And I knew it was love, sent down from above A love that is sacred and true.

[Repeat Chorus]

Beta Iota Chapter singing Alpha Phi Delta Rose in 1988