History of Alpha Phi Delta

The History of 

Alpha Phi Delta 

Fraternity 1914-2023

This 462 page book starts our Fraternity’s story at the beginning and continues it until spring 2023, using hundreds of pages of text and pictures. It is now available for purchase in FOUR format

• All editions feature high-quality glossy (coated) pages and equally high-quality printing.

• The book is a colossal 462 pages, and tells the story of the Fraternity year-by-year in wonderful fraternal detail.

• It features some 1500+ photos and images, with photos/images found on nearly every page.

• It features graphic display of chapters, alumni clubs and alumni associations in order of chartering, spread throughout the book.

• It features images of every cover of each issue of the Kleos (1929-2023)

• It features a photo of every convention site since 1920

• It features Words of Wisdom quotations from past leaders spread throughout the book.

• It features our Heraldry - our symbols and traditions, visually displayed throughout the book (including heraldry from Sigma Gamma Phi — our Beta Chapter precursor) -- with detailed explanations of their history and development.

• It features the Lineage of National Award winners spread throughout the book in order of the establishment of each award

• It features tons of sidebars with biographies (including the biography of each and every National Presidents)

• It has expanded biographies of our Founders, with more photos of them than ever before

• It features photos of chapters, people, events, gatherings, historical moments, etc. — all placed within our story in their proper era

• It features side-articles on the history of symbols, traditions, publications, and key developments in the life of Alpha Phi Delta

• It features a 21-page index of the contents — yes, this gigantic  volume is fully indexed.