Our Kleos Library

The Kleos is the National Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, it was established in 1929. It is currently published twice a year. The Kleos is sent hard copy, via U.S. Mail, to all brothers in the Fraternity who are in good standing and on whom we have a good mailing address. In recent years, The Kleos has been a semi-annual publication. It is funded by a grant from the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, its Editor is appointed annually by the National President of Alpha Phi Delta subject to ratification by the National Council. Below is a library of all of the issues of The Kleos published since the very beginning.

Kleos 1929-12.pdf

Our First Issue of The Kleos

The first issue of The Kleos is the only issue not to bear the words "The Kleos" -- rather it was simply identified as "The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta." It was published in 1929.