About Us

About Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity

What is Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity?

Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity is a national Italian Heritage Fraternity, established in 1914 at Syracuse University. Currently, the fraternity has members drawn from 36 colleges and universities, and has nearly 30 alumni chapters. We are, by Constitutional mandate, an all-volunteer organization, serving God and country through the generous donation of time and effort given by our members.

What is the Purpose of our Brotherhood?

According to our Constitution: "The purpose for which this organization has been formed is to conduct an all-volunteer staffed fraternal organization having for its objectives the common advantage of its members. To this end, this organization seeks to unite in fraternal bond college man of good character, to stimulate good scholarship and good fellowship, to promote loyalty to one’s alma mater, to bind members to the commitment of their membership oath, and to provide service to the community and humanity."

Who can be a Member?

The members of the National Fraternity shall be those male persons who have met the requirements of the Ritual and have been duly initiated into the fraternity following a pledge period during their college years. Exceptions to these rules shall be enacted for men being considered for Graduate or Honorary membership.

What are our Hallmarks?