Our Fraternal Days of Special Observance

Fraternal Days of Special Observance

Alpha Phi Delta honor special moments or people of historical important on our “Fraternal Days of Special Observance” — days which have special meaning to our Brotherhood. On these days it’s proper to wear a white carnation or engage in some other activity.

February 19

Past National Presidents Day 

(date of Salvatore LaCorte’s birth, first national leader)

August 12

Deceased Brother Remembrance Day

(date of Joseph Cangiamila’s death, first deceased member)

September 2

Open Door Policy Anniversary 

(the date on which Alpha Phi Delta officially opened membership to non-Italians)

October 12 

Columbus Day

(the date of which Christopher Columbus made his discovery of the new world -- the Americas)

(also commonly observed on second Monday of October)

November 5

Founders Day

(the date on which our seven founders swore the Oath of Brotherhood)

December 12

Brother Frank Sinatra’s Birthday

(the date on which our most famous brother was born in 1915)

Anniversary Day

Chapter’s chartering date

(only for members of the chapter celebrating its anniversary)