Alpha Phi Delta Foundation

Our Fraternity's Military Coin

B​rother Anthony Scotti (Nu '42), with Screen Star Dan Daly and Boxer Primo Carnera in Trieste, Italy 1946.

Our Fraternity Brothers 

Who Served in the Military 

We proudly salute of military brothers, past and present. Throughout our history, the Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta have proudly served our country. Our brothers have served in every branch of the armed services and virtually every rank from private to general. Thirty two brothers have sacrificed their own lives for our country.

Military Scholarship 

Remember a loved one by donating to our Military Scholarship. Click here to go to the Scholarship Division page to learn more. Our scholarship funding currently sits at $30,025, and awards a $1,500 scholarship annually.  Our goal for this award is to reach four units, delivering a $2,000 scholarship per year.  To do that, we need to get this fund to $40,000!   Please help us reach this goal.

Words about our Military Brothers

As we move into our Second Century, we want to pause and say "Thank You."  Click here to listen to the stirring opening ceremony at the Centennial Gala where we honor our military brothers. Pause for a few minutes and reflect on the inspirational keynote address to our brotherhood by General Ray Odierno, a four star general and Chief of Staff of the United State of America.

Tribute to our Military Brothers

"Alpha Phi Delta, We Were There - 2013" Eighty brothers and guests came together at our 2013 Military Salute.  Click here to view this tribute to 1,300+ brothers who have served and in remembrance of the 32 brothers killed in action. Congratulations to Carmen DiGiacomo and Charlie Garbarino for organizing another great event.

The Story of one Brother's Service

In addition to this tribute, guests at the aforementioned Military Salute breakfast listened to the riveting story by Past National President Vince Muffoletto, Epsilon '46 of his survival after being shot down over the Baltic Sea and his year as a 'guest' at Stalag 17 during WWII.  Brigadier General John Nunn, our keynote speaker, spoke of the hard work and sacrifices that our young men and women are making each day in posts around the globe and on the homeland. 

Your Service

We'd like to hear your stories about your time in the military. Please take a minute to tell us about your service. We are compiling these as part of our Centennial archive. Also please let us know of any brothers missing from the honor roll below. Just click here.