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Chapter Histories - Gamma Chapter

Gamma Chapter in General

Gamma Chapter is Founded: 1919

Though the Dean of Student at Yale advised brothers from our Beta Chapter (Columbia) —who were seeking to expand Alpha Phi Delta to Yale— that there were too few Italians at Yale for a Chapter to succeed, they succeeded anyway. And on March 15, 1919, six men were sworn in as brothers and founders of our Gamma Chapter at Yale University. The Chapter lasted quite successfully for some 23 years, closing its doors -- as many chapters did -- with the onset of World War II.

Gamma Chapter Reactivated 1992-95

A short-lived reactivation of Gamma Chapter came to Yale University in 1992, with the initiation of two students there into Alpha Phi Delta. A subsequent class of five initiates, and then another class of two, followed. Though nine-men strong, the reactivation could not get a firm footing and by 1995 was no more. It was a great effort to bring back an early chapter of the Fraternity.

Gamma Chapter - Individuals

Joseph Longo

Gamma '32

Justice Joseph Longo, '32 has a Wikipedia page here, and served as Justice on the Connecticut state supreme court from 1975-1979. He served as a Seaman First Class in the United States Navy during World War II.

Charles John Satti

Gamma '20

Dr. John Satti, a politician and physician, served as the Secretary of State of Connecticut from 1935 to 1939. Find out more about this amazing brother of Alpha Phi Delta by clicking here.

William F. Verdi

Gamma '20

Dr. William F. Verdi who graduate Yale long before our Chapter started there, was a ground breaking doctor of his era. Some hospital in New Haven would not operate on Italian Catholics, so Dr. Verdi would do operations in private homes to help his patients who could not get care otherwise. Among many other highlights he served as Clinical Professor of Surgery Yale Medical School.  He was admitted into Alpha Phi Delta as an alumnus (graduate) of the University.

Carlo Nisita

Gamma '25

Carlo Nisita was a noted Italian American painter, printmaker, muralist, and educator.  A complete history of his accomplishements can be seen at this page from the Burchfield-Penny Art Center.

Philip R. Pastore

Gamma '19

Judge Philip R. Pastore served as a judge on the Superior Court of Connecticut until age 97.  Born on September 24, 1898, he died just shy of his 100st birthday on September 21, 1999. Click here to read what was read into the Congressional Record about him on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

Benjamin W. Avallone

Gamma '26

Benjamin William Avallone actually graduated from Syracuse University, but didn't join Alpha Phi Delta. He went to graduate school at Yale in the mid-1920s, and it was there he got to know Alpha Phi Delta and became a brother. What is significant about Brother Avallone is that he later moved back to Syracuse and became a members of the Board of Directors of Syracuse University -- the only Alpha Phi Delta brother to date who is known to have done so.