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Chapter Histories - Delta Chapter

Delta Chapter in General

Delta Chapter is Founded: 1920

Delta Chapter at the then-Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (later Polytechnic Institute of New York) was founded on April 30, 1920. It was active from 1920-44, 1945-72, 1973-80, and 1999-2007. The most notable alumnus of the Chapter was Past National President (and also Past National Secretary, District Governor, Scholarship Chairman) Stanley W. Raffa. 

Delta Chapter in the 1970s

Never too large, our Delta Chapter in the 1970s nevertheless had a great espirit de corps. That spirit can be seen in this picture of the brothers of the Chapter spending one its evenings out at the local bowling alley building up camaraderie on brotherly activity amongst themselves.

Gamma Chapter - Individuals

Joseph J. Mattiello

Delta '22

Joseph J. Mattiello, a Delta Brother from the 20's, earned a Bachelor of Science in 1925, and Master of Science, 1931 (Polytech. Institute of Brooklyn), and a Doctor of Philosophy, Columbia University, 1936. Brother Mattiello lost his leg in World War I, and served as a consultant in World War II. ​The American Coatings Association gives annual award in Brother Mattiello's name (click here).  There is a Joseph J. Mattiello lecture series that was established in his name.  For a more complete biography, click here.

Stanley W. Raffa

Delta '49

Stanley (Constanza) W. Raffa, was born September 3, 1925, in New York City. He attended the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn where he was initiated into Delta Chapter in January 1949, and went on to receive his B.S. in Physics at Adelphi College. He served as the fourth Editor of The Kleos (1956-1968), National Vice President (1968-70), National President (1970-1972), Third District Governor (1974-76), National Secretary (1978-84), Alumni Affairs Chairman (1984-86), and Scholarship Chairman (1990-ealry 2000s). He was a winner of the Outstanding Undergraduate Award (1951), Outstanding Alumnus Award (1973) and Lifetime Achievement Award (2000). He passed away on September 29, 2005. Read more about him on our Past National President's page.

Aldo J. Del Sorbo

Delta '74

Aldo Del Sorbo was initiated into Delta Chapter in 1974. In 1991, National President Rahtelli named Aldo Del Sorbo (Delta ’74) Vice President for Financial Affairs, he serve one term in that position. Del Sorbo was The first member of the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation's Omega Society (as he included the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation as a beneficiary of his life insurance policy). He was driving force in the New York Alumni Club for many years (serving as its President and Treasurer) and contributed much to the success of the New York City District’s Christmas Dance for many years. He passed away in 2012.