Alpha Phi Delta Foundation

Brother Vincent N. Verdile

Beta Phi Chapter

October 11, 1964 - August 24, 2023

Eternal rest grant to Gary, O Lord.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

On August 24, 2023, the South Florida Alumni Club, The Florida District, and Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity mourned the passing of the Florida District Governor, Vince Verdile.  Vince comes from an APD lineage of fraternity dignitaries. His maternal grandfather and his father were National officers.  He was a charter member of the SFAC and has been the District Governor for over 20 years.  He has been an indefatigable force in South Florida, in the APD Foundation, as well as in the National Fraternity.   

​Born on October 11, 1964, Brother Verdile was initiated into the Beta Phi Chapter on April 22, 1986. He served in various roles in the Fraternity, including South Jersey District Governor and, most recently, Florida District Governor. He is predeceased by his father, Benjamin Verdile (Beta Delta '57), a former National Vice President of the Fraternity (1976-78). Vince is predeceased by his grandfather, Dr. Anthony A Nardone (Lambda '26, obit), who was posthumously elected as 33rd National President. He is survived by his mother, Rose Verdile, a frequent face at our National Conventions, and his brother, Anthony. Vince worked as a mathematics teacher at Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School in Florida and previously in New Jersey. He has touched so many in the fraternity and will be missed.

             VInce Verdile Obituary Link

From Zeke Parmegiani: "I can't express the depth of the loss I personally feel. Vince worked tirelessly for us and was, indeed, my mainstay. He appointed me president of SFAC when acceded to Governor and has guided and helped me in planning our outings and working with our undergraduates. I will miss him beyond anything I can adequately describe. My brother, my friend may you rest in peace in God's Love" 

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Contributors to the Vincent Verdile Scholarship Fund


As of 1/7/2024

Maria Alfaro, Friend

​Antonio Amato, Beta Omega 1988

​Neil Anastasio, Theta Beta 1973

​Regina Avallone, Friend

​Rod Belsky, Psi 1971

Jeffrey Breen, Gamma Sigma 1989

​Traci Bridges, Friend

Brooklyn Alumni Club

​Andrew Buck, Delta Psi 2009

Jeremy Burg, Gamma Sigma 1993

​Joseph Caldarella, Beta Sigma 1973

Vladimir Camacho, Beta Sigma 1987

​Tony Carfang, Psi 1969

George Casadonte, Beta Delta 1956

​Velda Castellano, Friend

Jack Consiglio, Psi 1974

Robert Cucco, Theta Beta 1974

Gary Cuda, Beta Iota

​James Curley, Friend

​Mary Curley, Friend

​Todd Cusato, Beta Sigma 1997

​John DeGrace, Beta Xi 1956

​Rob DeMartini, Beta Sigma 1997

Diane Depman, Friend

David Deramo, Psi 1961

Robert DeVito, Beta Omega 1985

Ann DiPuglia, Friend

Vito DiSalvo, Psi 1970

​Brandon Ditcheck, Delta Epsilon 2015

​Matt Dixon, Epsilon Gamma 2015

Lisa Drangel, Friend

Al Fafara, Beta Xi 1969

​Linda Finlayson, Friend

​Charles Fiore, Theta Beta 1973

Sal Flagiello, Gamma Rho 2006

​William Fiore, BAC 2013

Alex Franki, Gamma Lambda 1990

Nick Franki, Gamma Lambda 1987 

Peter Gaudiuso, Theta Beta 1982

​Robert J Hartman, Beta Xi 1993

Mike Iacovelli, Theta Beta 1981

​Carolyn Johnston, Friend

​Larry Kaufman, Beta Xi 1988

Garry Kosteck, Beta Xi

Laneskicks Family

​Edina Lessack, Friend

​Susan Lessack, Friend

​Jason Litman, Delta Psi 2020

​Vincent Maligno, Beta Beta 1966

​Ken McDonald, Gamma Zeta 1983

James Miller, Psi 1972

​Beth Morlock, Friend

Ray Morro, Beta Xi 

Larry Nielsen, Friend

​Brett O'Connell, Gamma Xi 2011

Susan Oliva, Friend

Chris Mancusi, Gamma Sigma 2002

​Ralphie Parmegiani, BAC 2015

​Ralph "Zeke" Parmegiani, Beta Sigma 1962

Pembroke Pine Charter Middle School

Pembroke Pine Charter Middle School, Math Dept

Frank Perciavalle, Psi 1978

​Steven Platkin, Beta Omega 1988

​Joseph Rahtelli, Beta Beta 1982

​Vinoo Ramdat, York College 1999

​​Ray Rokicki, Gamma Nu 1997

Joseph Rossi, Beta Phi 1980

Mary Anne Rowe, Friend

Ben Ruggiero, Delta 1961

John Russo, Psi 1972

Mason Shattuck, Beta Omicron 2006

​Mike Sirchio, Delta Psi 2002

​Casey Simon, Delta Psi 2021

South Florida Alumni Club

​Doug Sundo, Psi 1975

​Wendy Swanson, Friend

​Tim Tewalt, Pi 1969

​Gregory Tiernan, Friend

​Kelli Torres, Friend

​Bob Valeriano, Psi 1972

Elyse Vennucchi, Friend

Michael Walker, Friend

Thomas Weiskircher, Epsilon Theta 2018

John Whyte, Gamma Sigma 1994

​Anthony Williams, Psi 1977

Michael Young, Beta Eta 1985

Paul Zammit, Gamma Sigma 2003

Antonio Zumbo, Theta Beta 1990 

Remembering Vincent Verdile