Paul Alafogiannis 

Beta Pi Memorial



Current Funding Level: $14,415

Scholarship Award: $500

Paulie "Black" Alafogiannis entered Alpha Phi Delta as a brother in 1989 in Beta Pi's 6th Pledge Class (since reactivation in 1986). He quickly became known as one of the most active brothers. Serving as an anchor, he quickly mastered the history and traditions of our great fraternity. He maintained an abundance of knowledge of the inner workings of the fraternity and shepherded new leadership that arose each semester.

Paulie was a great advice giver and his 30 years of experience as a brother offered insight few could claim. He was a social anchor and kept the brothers together. The phrase, “Paulie is coming” was more of an invitation to attend a particular event.  Paulie showed his dedication by attending our Centennial Celebration in Washington, D.C., and encouraging other brothers to attend. In so many words Paulie was our founding father.  He hosted, organized, and guided our events.  He took our hearts and minds to a place we can all be proud to be. Spending time with Paulie was special and is something we all cherish and will never forget. We miss you Paulie.

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